Welcome to Swiss Ride Services AG.

Our company specializes in the assembly and dismantling of various amusement rides, such as various roller coasters, water systems, giant wheels and towers. We have over 15 years of experience and service in this industry and working with, and for leading manufacturers of this industry. Our company has already been active in the most varied countries of the world, and has successfully represented our customers.

We are working on construction sites as a supervisor / advisor. We can also assemble or disassemble any amusement ride with our own team. We are on site for our customer from the arrival of the first parts, until the successful acceptance by the TÜV and the hand over of the ride to the customer. We also offer the service to train the staff of a park after the successful assembly of the ride.

We can also carry out all service and repair work on their systems and are constantly in contact with the manufacturers of the systems in order to ensure that the work is performed professionally.